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Pharmaceuticals created by the diligent efforts of human beings for the progress of medical sciences save the lives of countless people and help people lead healthy lives, but there are still unmet medical needs and many diseases for which effective treatments do not exist—this is the reality of medicine today. Even now at this very moment there are people waiting for innovative new drugs to be discovered and developed. We think of them constantly, and it is for them that we strive to develop and deliver new drugs as quickly as possible—this is the challenge we take on every single day.

Daiichi Sankyo RD Novare was established in 2011 as the common platform supporting the global R&D activities of the entire Daiichi Sankyo Group. This unique business model will revolutionize the way of drug discovery and development. Our missions are implementing therapeutic area independent innovative technologies for early stage drug discovery and high-quality streamlined processes for clinical development.

The drug discovery research division is actively looking for potential opportunities of new exploratory research and pursuing its efficiency as well, utilizing advanced technologies developed internally and externally through the framework of open innovation. Our efforts are focused specifically on improving the probability of success for acquiring “validated hits*1” and being recognized as a CoE*2 for biomarker research. To achieve these goals, we believe it is essential to conduct integrated processes, from target identification and validation to hit compound acquisition via HTS*3 and biological assessments.

The development division conducts a range of clinical trials, where we are convinced it is critical to harmonize the rights, welfare and safety of subjects with the quality and reliability of the scientific data obtained. In the domestic clinical testing after POC*4 acquisition, we willto provide a comprehensive and value added service as a package, covering development-related activities on contract through process innovation.


Pioneering the Future

The key to creating groundbreaking new drugs lies in how basic technologies are combined and utilized. With one technology alone, even if it is innovative, it is impossible to create innovative drugs. We also believe that drug development starts with knowing what occurs on the frontlines of medicine and grasping the true needs of patients and physicians.

The name “Novare” comes from the Latin word for “to change, to renew.” We offer new proposals for pharmaceutical research and development processes and, at the same time, continue the challenge of creating innovative new drugs as a partner truly trusted by those around us, with an awareness of the pride and responsibility this entails. We do the work that is worthy of this challenge and provide a place that awakens the desire to take it on. We seek associates with a strong desire to continue polishing that one grain of ore, through curiosity, compassion, passion and ingenuity, that will save others, and with the ability to passionately convey new value.

Hidemi Masumura Ph.D
President and Representative Director


*1) Prototype compound that exhibits interactions with the target molecule and is suitable for structural optimization from the standpoint of efficacy, kinetics and physical properties.
*2) Center of Excellence
*3) High-Throughput Screening
*4) Proof of Concept: Proof of a drug’s efficacy.